Anglepoise2018 (Forthcoming)

I will be working with my mother Margot Lettner to design her poetry collection Anglepoise. 

Of the work, she says:

"Anglepoise is a conversation in poems between two women over 220 years. It references Mrs. Simcoe's Diary, the work of Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim Simcoe, author, painter, and mapmaker, who lived in Canada 1791-96. Often in canvas tent, often reading by candlelight." - ML

Opus Lux • 2015-16

In the summer of 2015 I began collaborating with lifelong friend and mentor, David Duclos, who had a multitude of exciting ideas stemming from years of research and development in the lost art of additive light blending. Through further explorations with an exceptional group of dancers, musicians, writers and technical wizards the work has become as much about blending media as it is about light.

David writes: 

"Opus Lux aims to tell a story with light and shadow, sound, dance and poetry.  It is a story told by a unique and powerful blend of media.  It uses technology and mythology; technique, compositional and improvisational; it uses metrics and sound patterning and precise geometry to achieve unusual effects." -DD

Video and stills by Benjamin Freedman

Base Frequency 2016

I was asked to create a number of sketches in response to the Modest Cowboys' recent album Base Frequency. I came up with a series of drawings, which I made using grease pencil on transparency. The image above is for one my favourite tracks, Afterlight, written by my father David Friend, the band's lead guitarist.    

When asked to describe their musical sound:

"Buck Owens meets David Gilmour. They watch Donnie Darko. And they have a love for a long drive on a dark highway." -MC